​Classroom content

Individual special music training courses

It is specially designed for children with special needs, such as autism and developmental delay, to provide tailor-made 1:1 individual therapy training with music.


Free consultation

We insist on having free consultation before formal class

The consultation fee is free, and the instructor will also give comments and suggestions after the consultation, which will be of great benefit to the training in the future.


Training concept

Grasp everyone's innate interest and reaction to music

With music as a tool, the ultimate goal is to use them to achieve therapeutic goals.


Case reference

Let's listen to the children's stories

By referring to children’s cases, you can better understand what special music training is.


Voice of Parents

Thank you parents for your feedback and sharing

Parents confirm the children's growth in Jia Fu's sister's class. Come and see the stories in it.


common problem

​Generally common questions about special music training

​Are there any questions? You can find the answer here, or contact us directly.