• Suitable for 0-6 years old and children with special needs

  • Contains 15 newly created nursery rhymes, the lyrics are in line with the correct Cantonese pronunciation, and corresponding training and suggested activities

  • The content covers cognition, concentration, hand-brain coordination, vocal motivation and rhythm

  • The lyrics collection contains notation for easy playing

  • Provide accompaniment music for training purposes

  • Sincere recommendation: "The Little Sheep Is Gone" (Minus Concept)

  • Sincere recommendation: "Plus One Plus, Count One Count" (addition concept)

  • Sincere recommendation: "Walk to the Zoo Together" (voicing motivation)

  • Hot Rhythm Songs on Campus: "Two Hands Are Really Excellent" and "Follow Me Exercise"

  • Specially included "Wall", dedicated to all children with autism and their parents

Sister Jiafu Original Children's Songs Album Vol.1