• More than 70 children participated in the recording, full of innocence

  • With the theme of cultivating good living habits, it is suitable for kindergarten teaching materials, especially suitable for kindergarten and elementary school students to listen to

  • Contains ten newly created nursery rhymes, the lyrics match the correct Cantonese pronunciation

  • The songs are matched with corresponding training, and the content covers moral education training, common sense of life, rhythm, etc.

  • Adding Cantonese orthodox training songs for the first time, training the correct pronunciation of Cantonese initials and vowels through singing children’s songs, subtly and implicitly

  • Provide accompaniment music and music score download for training purposes

  • Sincerely recommend "Vegetables Taste" (understand various common vegetables, train cognition and vocal motivation)
    Specially included "Global Village" (to raise children's environmental awareness)

  • Teachers from seven elementary schools actively recommended students to participate in recording production.


Remarks: The discount period for downloading free music scores has expired, you can go to the online store on this page to buy the music scores you need


Song list:

  • everyone likes them

  • Jump around

  • I am a crane

  • Let's take a shot

  • I tie a big apple

  • Good taste of vegetables

  • Frog jump

  • 砵砵砵

  • Top Bean Bag

  • ​ global village

Jia Fu Sister Children's Songs Album Vol.4