about us

The idea of ​​setting up the Jiafu sister music classroom is to allow local children in Hong Kong, including children with special needs, to learn and grow through music and songs. This learning and growth is not limited to music knowledge and instrument technology, but Let music become a medium, through customized nursery rhymes for local children, with appropriate activities and training, so that they can get the overall development of body, mind, and spirit, and achieve "learning in music".

Therefore, in addition to the general piano and violin instrument courses in the small classroom, we are committed to creating local original children's songs. It has been seen that Hong Kong’s children’s songs seem to stay in the time and space of twenty years ago. Today, the children sing may still be the ones that parents sang as children. There is no shortage of masterpieces of these nursery rhymes, some of them are easy to sing, easy to remember, and also educational classics; but with the passing of stars, Hong Kong today is very different from 20 years ago. "Subway" has been renamed "MTR" "The things that children come into contact with in daily life are very different from the things that children come into contact with in the past. In view of this, we hope that children of this era can have their Cantonese children's songs, not just chanting cartoons or animation theme songs. Furthermore, music is a very good educational medium. We are determined to make lyrics a tool of education, teaching children the details of daily life such as washing hands, tidying up, etc. At the same time, we also teach children to think positively and appreciate themselves and the people and things around them. Children grow up healthily.

Children with special needs, including children with autism and developmental delays, are also served by small classrooms. With years of experience and knowledge in children’s education, music and psychology, Sister Jiafu created the "Sister Jiafu Special Music Training Course", tailor-made one-on-one courses for children with special needs, with music as the main element. Through classroom activities and targeted training, improve children's abilities such as concentration, mouth muscles, hand-eye coordination, muscle control, and speech.

I hope that Jia Fu’s little sister’s music classroom can accompany more children to grow up and do not take their own way, just as the Bible proverb states:


Train a child to walk the way he should go, and he will not deviate even when he is old. (Proverbs 22:6)